Everyone looks forward to his or her annual holidays!

It is a time when you can escape from the daily pressures and grind of work.

But, how often do you come back from a holiday and you think to yourself that you need another holiday to get over the holiday you just had?

Evans Head is renowned for its relaxed, easy-going, holiday village atmosphere. You can literally park your car and leave it in the one spot for your entire stay.

There is no need for you to drive anywhere as all your facilities are within walking distance. That is it! You can walk to all the shops and most of the local attractions from your accommodation if you stay in the Silver Sands Caravan Park or nearby accommodation.

Imagine that! Walk up street to get your morning paper, loaf of freshly baked bread and perhaps a cup of coffee.

After breakfast walk a short distance to have a surf, then back home to have lunch and read that book that you have had on the backburner for the past twelve months or just put up your feet and have a rest.

The kids are being entertained for most of the day by the SUFM. Life cannot get much better!

In the afternoon you have a happy hour with your neighbours around the Park or go to the Bowlo, Illawong or RSL Club to have a flutter on the TAB and a few drinks.

Lots of cards and family games in the afternoon and night time help you unwind and have fun!

Do you remember what your holidays by the seaside were like when you were a kid?

Relive them again!