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Water Sports Australia and Edge Photography Gallery

COMBINING two passions into one business was the aim for Evans Head locals Stephen Blanch and Bonnie Sevil when they opened their shop on the corner of Oak and Woodburn streets.

The shop combines both Wild Water Sports Australia and Edge Photography Gallery where people can go to buy a kayak or some of the original photos taken by Mr Blanch and Ms Sevil.

“I’ve just retired from being a photography teacher for the past 31 years and Bonnie is a visual arts teacher,” Mr Blanch said.

“We want to showcase our Evans Head photos through our projects Evans Head in Hindsight and more contemporary works.”

Evans Head in Hindsight is a collection of photos from the past from his own family or those that have been donated by families in the area.

Another project that Mr Blanch and Ms Sevil have collaborated on is called Edge, a series of photos taken at some of the smaller beaches and coves around Evans Head.

“(The images) were taken on the edge of the landscape and the sea,” Mr Blanch said of the exhibition

“The figure in the photos is naked showing an association with fragility, putting oneself on the edge.”

All photos are for sale and can be printed on a range of mediums including canvas and metal.

“We can also restore old photographs and give them a contemporary treatment,” Mr Blanch said.

If water sports are more to your liking then the shop also has a range of kayaks, canoes and paddle boards and all their accessories.

During the summer holidays the shop is open from 10am to 6pm or visit them at or

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Photography by Bonnie Sevil and Stephen Blanch

via Pair combines their twin passions | Northern Star.