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Swimming At Evans Head

Australia has fantastic beaches but you must respect the power of the the ocean.

There are rips along all beaches. Do you know where the rips are?

For your own safety you should only swim in the patrolled area at Main Beach in Evans Head.

Stay between the flags when swimming and watch for longshore and rip currents. Do not swim near the training walls or in the river mouth. Be very careful if swimming elsewhere as rips and strong currents in the longshore trough dominate. Stay on the attached portions of the inner bar and away from the rip holes and side currents.

Beach Safety

1. Pay attention to the beach safety signs.

2. Take the time to assess the conditions.

3. Learn how to spot rips.

4. If you get caught in a rip you swim to the side. Do not attempt to swim agsainst the rip.

5. Have surfing lessons before you start.

via Beachsafe | Nsw | Evans Head.