Project Description

Evans Head Bowling Club

2 Beech Street, Evans Head NSW 2473

Ph: (02) 6682 4343

All visitors are welcome!

Evans Head Bowling Club provides a solid range of lawn bowls facilities and competitions each day of the year.

Our modern bowling greens are well maintained as well as providing plenty of shaded area for onlookers.

Our Lawn Bowls competitions include:

– Tuesday: Men’s Triples, 9.30 am

– Wednesday: Ladies Day, 9.30 am – Men’s Pairs, 1.30 pm

– Thursday: ‘Twinite’ Mixed Bowls, 6.30 pm

– Friday: Men’s Pairs, 1.30 pm

Evans Head Bowling Club is also proud to be part of a range of sporting clubs in Evans Head.

Evans Head Bowling Club are the major sponsors of the following sporting clubs:

– Evans River Rugby Club

– Evans Head Over 8’s Malibu Club

– Evans Head Half Tide Board Riders

– Evans Head Women’s Hockey Club

For more information please visit: Evans Head Bowling Club – Sporting.