At this time of the year Evans Head has a huge influx of holidaymakers who are escaping the heat of the hinterland to the cool coast for the Christmas School Holidays.

The population of Evans Head typically swells from 3,000 to about a peak of about 12,000 people during the Christmas School Holidays.

For most families that flock to this beach side fishing village for their annual holidays, this is an intergenerational experience. They came here with their parents and grandparents before them. Why? This is the big question!

Once you have experienced a family holiday at Evans there is no going back. You do really escape the rat race. It is something that you may have experienced as a child or your parents may have experienced. No putting your hand in your pocket for the Theme World Experience. No way!

Experience true fun. Fun that you make for yourself with all the like-minded holidaymakers who are longing for an escape from the TV, technology and hype of consumerism.

Bring on the swim in the river or surf! Get out the fishing rods, snorkelling gear and the kayaks. Back yard cricked in the camping grounds is a must with adults and children randomly making up teams. Skateboards, rip sticks, bikes and scooters abound so traffic gives way to enthusiasm and enjoyment.

Random groups share afternoon drinks and nibblies around the campsites and accommodation while their children enjoy games in the vicinity. It is a time to enjoy the company of friends, neighbours and strangers around a drink and a game of cards or a board game or two.

You may think that all this is too good to be true. Come and experience it for yourself! I assure you that you will only be limited by your willingness to join in.

On the flip side of this full on tourist influx there is the fantastic off-season where you will pretty much have the place to yourself. Accommodation is more affordable and there is a steadier flow of people.