Up to one in every five sites at the Shaws Bay and Silver Sands caravan and camping parks could go under new plans of management now on display.

The chairman of the state’s Crown Holiday Parks Trust says about $13 million will be spent upgrading facilities at the iconic locations at Ballina and Evans Head.

But Alan Revell says that could come at a cost as far as capacity is concerned.

“We really need generally speaking to reduce the number of sites, because what’s happening is people demand larger sort of areas,” he said.

“Caravans today are bigger than they were say 20 or 30 years ago.

“They need bigger sites, they want more facilities etcetera, so from our viewpoint that’s the general sort of situation we’ve got.

“I mean the bottom line is, we can’t charge any more for a caravan park or a facility than the market will bear.

“The market is moving forward and the dilemma we’ve got is the expectations of the users is greater today.”

via Costs up, capacity down under new park plans for Ballina and Evans Head – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).