THE Richmond Valley Swim Club’s 2013/2014 season has been very successful, with swimmers achieving some great results.

Eight swimmers have received Junior Excellence Awards, an award that recognises and encourages junior swimmers who achieve a high standard of swimming excellence by accomplishing times set by Swimming Australia.

Junior Excellence Awards range from Green level to Gold star level.

Green Award: Rachel Redman, Kate Blunn, Aiden Yourell and Caleb Yourell.

Bronze Award: Aimee Landrigan and Tyler Lewis.

Silver Award: Jacob Yourell.

Gold Award: Tara Blunn.

All award winners were pleased with their results, as their dedication to training was paying off.

This season produced Richmond Valley Swim Club’s best results to date with school carnivals, having 10 swimmers going through to high levels in the public and Catholic school systems.

Representing Woodburn Public School at Regional Carnival were Sam and Charlie Ticknor.

Representing Evans River K12 School at Regional Carnival were Rachel Redman, Eric Redman, McKinley Arnison, Jacob Yourell, Caleb Yourell, Aiden Yourell and Tyler Lewis.

Senior Boys’ relay team Aiden Yourell, Tyler Lewis, Mick Bussell and Zac Armstrong placed at Regional Carnival to make it on to compete at the PSSA Carnival at Homebush.

McKinley Arnison also placed in the Regional Carnival to compete at PSSA Carnival in Junior Multi-class 50 metre freestyle and 50 metre backstroke.

Representing St Joseph’s School Woodburn at Diocesan Carnival were Tara Blunn and Aimee Landrigan. Aimee Landrigan placed in the 100m and 50m freestyle, 50m backstroke and 200m IM, and Tara Blunn placed in the 50m backstroke to compete at the Catholic Polding Carnival at Homebush.

Parents and coaches were proud of all swimmers’ personal bests and results this season, at Friday Club night, carnivals and school representation.

via Club notches its best results | Northern Star.