Facilities and activities

Picnics and barbecues

Broadwater Beach picnic area in the north of the park has tables, gas barbecues and pit toilets.


Enjoy a 250 metre walk to the inland lookout. This natural viewpoint allows views over the heath and sea. In spring the windflowers bloom in a sea of colours. The walk is located off the Broadwater to Evans Head Road.


Cycling on tracks and trails is a great way to experience the remarkable diversity of nature and magnificent landscapes found in parks.

There are literally thousands of kilometres of management trails open to cyclists criss-crossing parks in NSW. For the adventurous, exhilarating mountain bike single-track and multi-track experiences are available in certain national parks. For more information on cycling opportunities in the national parks of NSW go to our cycling home page. Please take time to find out about some simple Rules of the trail and safety when cycling in parks before setting out.


If you’re going fishing anywhere in the park, you’ll need a fishing licence. Get more details from the NSW Fisheries external link website.

Places to visit

Broadwater Beach picnic area

Ready to take a break from the road and need a good picnic area? Broadwater Beach picnic area couldn’t feel further from the highway despite being only a short diversion. Perhaps you’re a local or staying in the area for a while and have time to relax over a leisurely picnic lunch before exploring the park or taking advantage of the nearby beach and go swimming, surfing or fishing.

Plants found around the picnic area are mainly coastal banksia, tuckeroo (also called carrotwood and beach tamarind), pandanus, heath and midgen berry. Bring your binoculars for bird watching, as the birdlife around the picnic area is abundant, especially in spring when the wildflowers are blooming brightly.

Midgen berry is traditional bushfood; the sweet dotted berry melts in your mouth and has a gingery flavour. Something to add to your picnic. After lunch why not take in the views from the nearby Broadwater inland lookout external link.

Activities: walking, mountain biking, surfing, swimming, fishing, astronomy and star gazing, bird watching, whale watching, picnicking, playing and socialising

Getting there: Broadwater Beach picnic area is in the northern precinct of Broadwater National Park. To get there:

From Broadwater, travel approximately 2km south along the Pacific Highway
Turn left into Broadwater-Evans Head Road
Continue east onto Broadwater Beach Road for approximately 2km
Turn left onto Finns Trail and follow to the picnic area.

Road access: Unsealed road/trail – 2WD vehicles.

Facilities: non-flush toilets, picnic tables, car park

Broadwater inland lookout

It’s a short steep walk through wooded forest dominated by coastal banksia and grass trees up onto Broadwater Headland for magnificent scenic views over the Pacific Ocean and south to Evans Head and Goanna Headland. Encourage the kids to count the steps on the way to distract them from their physical exertion.

Broadwater inland lookout is also a great vantage point for whale watching in spring and winter as well as seeing birds of prey doing their things along this gorgeous coastline. If you’re interested in bird watching, you’re likely to spot white-bellied sea eagles, osprey, brahminy kites and whistling kites throughout the year.

Can you tell the difference between these two types of kite? Both are a similar size and, depending on whether you’re looking at a juvenile or not, it’s sometimes hard to tell them apart by their markings. So have a listen and you’ll know a brahminy kite because it’s call is “pee-ah-ah-ah” and the whistling kite’s is “si-si-si-si-si”. After your walk, try the nearby Broadwater Beach picnic area external link to rest a relax over lunch.

Activities: walking, picnicking, playing and socialising, astronomy and star gazing, bird watching, whale watching

Getting there: Broadwater inland lookout is in the northern precinct of Broadwater National Park. To get there:

  • From Broadwater, travel approximately 2km south along the Pacific Highway
  • Turn left into Broadwater-Evans Head Road
  • From the gate that is adjacent to Broadwater-Evans Head Road on the eastern side, walk 240m to the start of the track.

Road access: Unsealed road/trail – 2WD vehicles.

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