WHAT started out as a desire to visit beaches along the east coast of Australia between Brisbane and Sydney has turned into a serious fundraiser for men’s mental and physical health, and Broadwater and Evans Head have been part of the journey.

Tony Miller-Greenman and Michael Leith recently visited beaches at Broadwater and Evans Head, with a sleep in the Evans Head Surf Club, as part of a 920km trek on their stand-up paddleboards to raise money for mental health organisation Beyond Blue.

“We had been training for a year by the time we left Brisbane on December 27,” Dr Miller-Greenman said.

“We are hoping to arrive at Bondi Beach in Sydney on Australia Day.”

The paddle down to Main Beach at Evans Head was without incident as the men travelled down the coast 5km out to sea.

“Yesterday had been overcast all day but the sun came out at one point and I saw a large dark shadow,” Mr Leith said. “I nearly fell off my board but then realised it was my own shadow and not a shark.”

The boards have a special striped pattern underneath them as a deterrent to any interested sharks.

Dr Miller-Greenman is a doctor in Brisbane and Mr Leith is studying medicine in Perth, so both men are aware of the importance of good physical and mental health for men.

“We want to stress the importance of physical exercise in helping towards good mental health,” Dr Miller-Greenman said.

“That’s why we are doing this major trek as well as to raise money.”


IF YOU would like to donate to the trek, you can visit www.thebigbluepaddle.com.

via Big paddle is a worthy cause | Northern Star.