YOU had to look hard to find either a cow or a fish at the Evans Head Beef Meets Reef event, but there were plenty of people out enjoying a family fun day in perfect conditions.

It’s the third year Evans Head has held an event as a warm up to festivities in Casino for Beef Week.

Richmond Valley mayor Ernie Bennett was there and said it was becoming a signature event for Evans Head and the expansion that was needed to get Beef Week across the whole of the Council area.

“It’s the perfect place to be on a perfect day,” he said.

Cribb Reserve on the Evans River foreshore was packed with market stalls and kids’ rides including a sinking Titanic jumping castle and slide.

There were also baby animals for patting (sheep, goats and alpacas) as well as camel rides and other activities such as the tug of war where the men won the battle of the sexes, but were beaten by a bunch of kids.

Ride in a teacup

Lorena Swanson, 3, of Evans Head and Jared Swanson, 3, of Casino enjoy a ride in a teacup at the Beef meets Reef in Evans Head.

The main street was also packed with stalls.

Event co-ordinator Brian O’Farrell said the event was growing every year, with more stalls and more rides this year.

“It gives businesses in town the chance to show off their wares and show that Evans is more than just a sleepy little village,” he said.

If you looked hard enough there were a selection of cows and there was $100 to be won if you could judge their weight.

The reef component seemed to be limited to a selection of seafood on the barbecue from the local fish co-op.

Large crowd at Beef Meets Reef

There was a large attendance at the Beef meets Reef in Evans Head over the weekend.

via Animals by the seaside for Evans Head Beef Meets Reef | Northern Star.